Part 3/3 from Digital Citizenship through Media Literacy; an inauguration day workshop taught at Missoula Public Library through Good Jobs Missoula and the Missoula Area Labor Council. 

Digital citizenship is the action we take in support of our values. It is traditionally characterized by three factors: online persona, personal privacy, and social identity. The eyes may perceive and the heart may beat, but they need some muscle to make things happen.


  • What is digital citizenship?
  • What institutions support digital citizenship and which don’t?
  • What roles do you fill online? Are you a consumer, participant, publisher, collaborator, translator, author, or teacher? How could you diversify your roles?
  • Should I delete my Facebook account?


  • Keep an eye on school boards and report a Challenge
  • Support & follow EPIC
  • Sign up for Intellectual Freedom Newsletter
  • Set Do Not Track in your internet browser (Chrome) (Firefox)
  • Browser extensions to block ads
  • Just Delete Me has a Chrome extension that lights up whenever you’re on a site that JDM recognizes and will link you directly to the site’s account deletion site
  • Tor Project to encrypt data whilst online (Not fail proof….)
  • Report data breaches and online scams
  • Check old versions of websites with the Wayback Machine and support the Internet Archive’s work. Why, you ask? And again.
  • Screenshot dodgy behavior

View my presentation through Google Slides.

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