Part 2/3 from Digital Citizenship through Media Literacy; an inauguration day workshop taught at Missoula Public Library through Good Jobs Missoula and the Missoula Area Labor Council.

Intellectual freedom is the heart that beats life-force and purpose into your perceptions and actions. Intellectual freedom informs and grounds your values in the knowledge that we all have equal rights to consume, create, and share information freely and privately in accordance with the Constitution. “Anything you want us to be quiet about, let’s talk about that” (James LaRue, Director of Intellectual Freedom Office, American Library Association).


  • Is fake news protected by freedom of speech?
  • How is intellectual freedom protected by the US Constitution?
  • Is hate speech protected?
  • How is does access to the internet and technology impact our intellectual freedom?
  • How is intellectual freedom different in our schools?

Reading & Resources

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